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Why Fullerene is More Powerful Than Vitamin C

In Japan, beautiful skin is described as fair and smooth meaning bihaku is one of the vital principles in Japanese skincare. A term coined in the early 1900s, it literally means “beautiful white” and also refers to cosmetic products that have a skin whitening or brightening function. Bihaku products are often formulated with vitamin C and very popular among Japanese

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3 Antioxidants Your Skincare Should Have

We always hear from others saying “Eat fruits that are high in vitamin C”, but why? It seems like Vitamin C is the superstar in our health. It has three proven benefits: skin brightening, collagen boost, and antioxidation. In addition to consuming antioxidant-rich fruits, applying skincare that has antioxidant properties helps protect against free radicals and harmful UV rays. In

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