Your Complete Guide to Ceramide: What It Is, How It Works & Why You Need It

Your Complete Guide to Ceramide: What It Is, How It Works & Why You Need It

We all want beautiful skin. But it can be difficult to know what’s best for your skin type and even more difficult to find a routine that works for you. With increased pollution and less time for self-care, it has become necessary to invest in good skincare products to take better care of our skin. Let’s find out how using skincare products packed with the natural goodness of ceramide, such as meeth’s Ceraderma Essence, is one of the best investments you can make for your skin.

What Is in a Ceramide Serum?

Ceramides are a class of fatty acids that belong to lipids. They are naturally found in skin cells and account for almost half of the outer layer (epidermis) of skin.

Ceramide serums can greatly help with maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance and are formulated with a ceramide complex. With their ultra-soothing properties, ceramide serums can help calm dry and irritated skin whilst providing the skin with much-needed nourishment. If you particularly have sensitive skin, investing in an advanced ceramide serum such as meeth’s Ceraderma Essence, made with a blend of 5 different new human ceramide types, can benefit your skin greatly.

Why make Ceramide Serum Part of Your Skincare Routine?

Ceramides naturally occur in our bodies and create an effective moisture barrier against external irritants to keep our skin supple, healthy, and elastic. Unfortunately, natural ceramide production decreases as we age, so it is important to replenish them in order to maintain healthy skin.

How Ceramide Serums Work

Ceramide serums help restore moisture levels while fighting wrinkles and fine lines. Applying a ceramide serum regularly will help tighten pores and make your skin feel smoother. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties, ceramides are also highly effective in relieving itchiness caused by eczema or psoriasis.

How They Benefit Your Skin

  • Restores skin’s protective barrier: Ceramides are essential for skin health and, therefore, it is necessary to replenish them.
  • Locks in moisture.
  • Protects the skin: Ceramides help to shield the skin from environmental aggressors and pollution.
  • Skin becomes more tolerable to active compounds: Ceramides act as a barrier against chemical compounds that may be found in other skincare products.
  • Reduces the appearance of visible signs of aging.
  • Helps with inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Softens and smoothes the skin.
  • Restoring lost lipids in the skin may help to promote moisture in the skin and improve the overall appearance and feel of the skin

The Importance Of Hydration

Hydration is the most important thing for your skin. That’s because, like a sponge, skin soaks up moisture to stay fresher for a longer period. When you don’t moisturize your skin, it starts to look dry and dull. So, in addition to buying a good ceramide serum, you need to make sure you drink enough water and eat a well-balanced diet to keep your skin healthy.

Quick Facts

WHO SHOULD USE IT: Anyone with dry skin or an interest in anti-aging skincare should consider using this product.
HOW OFTEN CAN YOU USE: It is safe to use on a regular basis, and it is recommended that you use ceramide serum twice a day.
WHEN TO USE: As ceramides help trap in extra moisture, they may be most effective when used immediately after a shower. Applying the lotion before bed as well as after a bath or shower can benefit your skin greatly.

If you use make-up during the day, start with your cleanser and work your way up to toners and serums. Save the moisturizer for the last step or immediately before your SPF.

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