Why Fullerene is More Powerful Than Vitamin C

Why Fullerene is More Powerful Than Vitamin C

In Japan, beautiful skin is described as fair and smooth meaning bihaku is one of the vital principles in Japanese skincare. A term coined in the early 1900s, it literally means “beautiful white” and also refers to cosmetic products that have a skin whitening or brightening function. Bihaku products are often formulated with vitamin C and very popular among Japanese women. You can find many new vitamin C-packed serums hitting the shelves each month because vitamin C is affordable and easy to produce in large quantities. However, with its medium potency, very little vitamin C can be absorbed by the skin at any one time.

With that in mind, the beauty industry keeps searching for a powerhouse ingredient that has a higher potency than vitamin C. And they found one! It is an ingredient that you probably have never heard of named fullerene. A potent antioxidant that actively scavenges free radicals, it soaks them up like a magical sponge to prevent pigmentation, aging, and skin damage. Below, we list the three top things that skin lovers should know about fullerene!


Better Than Vitamin C

The Japanese company, Mitsubishi, has been funding their subsidiary company, Vitamin C60 Bioresearch, to perform most of the fullerene research in Japan. There are many studies proving that the antioxidative capacity of fullerene is 172 times more effective than vitamin C. (Yes, it is a mind-blowing 172 times!) Other research even suggests results of over 250 times more effective. It has been confirmed that fullerene can inhibit the typical Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), for example, lipid radicals, caused by ultraviolet radiation. When fullerene was compared with vitamin C and vitamin E, it exhibited the highest antioxidant capacity under different oxidation conditions. 

Unlike vitamin C, fullerene is relatively more stable in the presence of heat and light. It remains effective under high temperatures and in highly contaminated environments, which is great news to skincare devotees. It also improves the shelf life of the products and does not lose its antioxidant ability. So you don’t need to hurry up and finish the product as soon as possible.


Whitening Effect

Freckles are always listed as one of the most searched skin problems on the internet. Freckles happen when skin is exposed to a large amount of UV rays, which activates melanin and tyrosinase production. Fullerene protects your skin from UV light by neutralizing free radicals and keeps the freckles at bay.

In 2010, a research center performed a clinical test on 32 women volunteers to prove the whitening efficiency of fullerene. After 6 weeks of fullerene application, 94% of the women found that their skin appeared to be fairer than before. The study suggested that fullerene helps lighten hyperpigmentation and freckles because of its ability to tackle harmful free radicals.


A Powerful Antioxidant

Along with its whitening effect, fullerene is characterized as an antioxidant that can protect the skin against premature aging. Wrinkles are the most visible sign of aging and are typically caused by UV light exposure and dryness. Fullerene can eliminate the formation of reactive oxygen species generated by free radicals. It slows down the production of collagen degradation enzymes which then discourages the decomposition of collagen. This means a high amount of collagen can be preserved to support the skin’s youthful density. It visibly smooths fine lines on the face.


meeth F Bright UV base

Now, I believe you are impressed by the incredible features of fullerene. You may ask why it is not commonly found in beauty products. The simple answer? It is very pricey. Also, scientists have not developed a way to produce high-quality fullerene in bulk. But nothing can stop meeth from inventing premium Japanese beauty elixirs! We have developed a formula to embed fullerene in F Bright UV base, a 3-in-1 sunscreen that can serve as a moisturizer, makeup base, or foundation. A brilliant product with SPF 44 PA+++, it meets a wide array of needs and reduces oxidative stress so that you can embrace the sunshine with no concerns.

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