The Ultimate Guide to Correctly Applying Your Skincare

The Ultimate Guide to Correctly Applying Your Skincare

meeth understands the importance of correctly applying skincare and the application process can make our products more powerful. Improperly applied skincare products not only makes the products less effective, it can also cause skin slackening and fine lines in the long run. Treat your daily skincare routine like a mini massage by gently patting the products onto your skin without rubbing. To help you really understand the process, We created a how-to video for each of our products on Youtube to help our users achieve the best results. Here, we also share tips for proper skincare layering that every woman should know.



Every routine starts with cleansing. Wet your skin with warm water, which helps your pores to open up. Squeeze three to four pumps of gel (like this!) onto the palm. If you are using a foam cleanser, (like this!) make sure you lather up a fluffy, meringue-like foam. You can also use a foaming net to create a handful of rich, creamy foam. 

Start at the cheek and forehead in outward and upward motions, and then semi-circles on the bridge and wings of your nose. Gently glide the cleanser over your eyelids and under-eye area. Pat the gel/foam on your skin without rubbing. If your skin does not feel smooth to your fingers, apply more gel or foam as needed. Rinse with cold water to close the pores.



Prepare your skin with multi-purpose lotion. Get three to four pumps of lotion (like this!) and warm it up in your palm. Start with your cheeks and forehead, gently pressing it into your skin. Use your ring finger to tap it around the eye contour carefully. If you find your skin dehydrated or absorbing the lotion quickly, you can apply it a few more times and repeat the same steps. Don’t forget your neck and areas behind your ears. Your skin should be plump and dewy after the application. Leave it to absorb before proceeding with your next layer.



Moisturizer is vital to any skincare routine as it seals all the layers that you previously applied. Your skin can then take its own time to soak up all the potent ingredients. Starting from your cheeks to your jawline and neck, use your fingertips to glide the moisturizer (like this!) on using upward strokes. Smooth the cream onto your forehead with outward motions. Repeat these same steps two to three times. Finally, press the moisturizer on your cheeks and chin with your palms .


Face oil

As the last step of your skincare routine, face oil preserves moisture in your skin for hours. It is very important to apply face oil before bedtime to revive tired skin. Squeeze out four to five drops and rub them onto your palm. Use the heat from your palm to spread it on your face to facilitate the absorption of the face oil. Dab it around your fragile eye areas with your ring finger. Just a small amount of face oil makes your skin radiant and less shiny or mattified. Use the oil left on your hand to rub onto your cuticles for nail care.


Remember, whenever you apply products to your face, always use upward and outward motions to avoid tugging your skin downward. Also, apply moisturizer with your fingertips and face oil with your palm. We hope the above tips can help you create the sensation of a full skincare routine. Please refer to meeth’s how-to videos if you are interested to know more.



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