The Night Cream That Makes Blue Light Your Ally

The Night Cream That Makes Blue Light Your Ally

meeth invites would like you to imagine a world where blue light benefits your skin.

As we become more and more attached to digital devices, our rooms are filled with blue light day and night. Apart from using sunscreen that can protect your skin from blue light and UV rays, it is also very important to repair your skin from oxidative damage after a long day.

As the sunset turns into night, reward your skin with some true powerhouse ingredients. From spirulina, hyaluronic acid to cherry leaf extract, meeth’s founder, Sonmi, has spent 2.5 years discovering the best night cream formulas for our modern lives. 

The Superfood – Spirulina Maxima Extract

Spirulina is one of the world’s most popular superfood supplements. It is a type of nutrient-rich blue-green algae that has the magical ability to ward off oxidative damage. Spirulina maxima extract contains a light-recovery enzyme protein that is activated by light energy to repair and rewrite damaged DNA. It converts harmful blue light into a positive beauty effect on the skin. By boosting the skin’s antioxidant intake, it protects it from blue light-induced aging.

Stearyl Medtharylate Copolymer

Ceramide-infused products are loved by many dermatologists, skincare devotees, and eczema patients. The copolymer used in meeth’s Skin Repair Night Cream helps maintain a healthy skin barrier with its structure that mimics natural ceramides. Being a major component of intercellular lipids of the skin cells, it enhances skin barrier performance which helps relieve tightness on dry skin. That means it smooths out early wrinkles and restores the elasticity and affinity of your skin over the course of each and every night.

Hyaluronic Acid From The Sea

In the deep places of the sea, meeth found a natural form of hyaluronic acid to calm and cure your skin. Extracted from the extremophile bacteria, who are able to survive in the ultra-harsh deep ocean because of  its biobarrier, this acid regulates the immune system of your skin and makes it less susceptible to irritation. It is also a polysaccharide that can hold a good amount of moisture for the skin.

Yoshino Cherry Leaf Extract (Prunus Yedoensis)

Sustainably sourced from Yoshino, the cherry leaf extract adds a dash of lovely pink into meeth’s Skin Repair Night Cream, just like the breathtaking cherry blossom. This plant-derived ingredient is known for its long-lasting moisturizing effect by increasing water content on your skin. It is best suited to sensitive skin because of its anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory properties.[1] It also gives a lightweight texture which can glide on your skin effortlessly. Apply this cream to your skin gently, like touching a piece of the most delicate tofu.


Tonight, we invite you to join a wonderful night time journey for your skin with meeth’s Skin Repair Night Cream. As you fall into sleep, this silky rebalancing moisturiser recharges your skin for a bright new day. 


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