The meeth Experience: meeth Touch Up Lab in Fukuoka

The meeth Experience: meeth Touch Up Lab in Fukuoka

Nothing can stop meeth from sharing Japanese beauty wisdom with our fans! 

In September last year, meeth opened our flagship store in Aoyama, Tokyo, inviting new customers to see our products up close. It was a milestone for meeth as we exclusively sold our products online in the past. We see an opportunity to combine offline and online experiences, and despite the challenges of 2020, meeth plans to expand our Touch Up Lab, in order to continue bringing unique experiences to our beloved customers. 

With that in mind, in December, we created our first Pop-up stores in Fukuoka and Osaka for a few days of fun, interaction, and education. It is meeth’s mission to continuously spread the joy of self-care to the world. Let’s look back at the lovely event in Fukuoka!


Fukuoka Pop-up Store

The Fukuoka Pop-up Store was located at the With the Style Hotel. This luxury hotel is in the heart of Hakata City. It is a stylish, modern space filled with palm trees and mid-century furniture that brings art, music, and cuisine together. 

When you entered the venue, you found an airy, bright and elegant space that beautifully captured the essence of meeth. The atmosphere was characterised by simplicity, clean lines, and soft shades of color. The palette was mostly white, with touches of grey to create a sense of visual calm. When you walked into the store, a sleek, streamlined counter with a gleaming meeth logo underneath instantly caught your attention. The white counter displayed and emphasised the essential nature of each product. A detailed product description that included its ingredients, function, and application was placed next to each product. Behind the beautiful display, a wide-open window and sheer chiffon curtains brought a welcoming feel and brightness to the atmosphere. You could see a peaceful scene of bamboo and ferns through the window. All of this created a soothing and inviting space where you could wander freely. 


 The “Morerich Pack Experience”

Our entire skincare collection has testers, so you can try the products before purchasing. If you were interested in trying our products at the Fukuoka Pop-Up Store, our beauty consultants guided you through the whole process. You could feel the texture on your hand and smell the fragrance of every single one of our products. The Pop-up Store also offered the “Morerich Pack Experience” to deepen customer’s beauty experience. meeth’s skin specialists led you to a gleaming, spacious area with comfortable chairs. You sat in front of an illuminated LED mirror, where you could see the transformation of your skin with the magical Morerich Pack


Share The Experience

meeth commits to sharing Japanese beauty insights with people around the world. Creating skincare innovations that go beyond customers’ expectations is our goal. We believe that self-care can lead to confidence and vitality. At every meeth store, we offer high-quality hospitality and solutions to meet your needs. We also desire to build a long-term relationship with our customers to meet the changing needs of your skin over time. 

Come and find the skincare, makeup, and self-love to illuminate your beauty. Stay tuned to see if our latest Touch Up Lab pops up in your neighborhood. 

Pictured above: Sonmi with the team at the meeth Touch-Up Lab in Fukuoka.


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