The Incredible Beauty Benefits Of Sea Salt

The Incredible Beauty Benefits Of Sea Salt

These beautiful white crystals are a gift from nature. Each batch of sea salt has a unique mineral profile that represents its origin. Sea salt is a skin-softening exfoliant with numerous healing minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and zinc. These pure shiny crystals are the result of seawater evaporation and typically undergo a minimal amount of processing. [1] Sea salt retains a high level of essential minerals for your body, which is what makes it fundamentally different from table salt. 

After a sunny day at the beach, seawater leaves our skin feeling dry and sticky. Because of this, we might think that sea salt will naturally dry out our skin, but this is not true. Sea salt has skin-loving properties that heal, cleanse, detoxify and even hydrate our skin. Here are some insights on the benefits of sea salt and how it can be used.

Mineral-Rich Bath For Sensitive Skin

The curative powers of bathing in water enriched with minerals like those found in sea salt have been witnessed worldwide. In Japan, the practice is written about as early as the 6th century in one of Japan’s oldest books, the Nihon Shoki. [2] It describes how the emperors enjoyed the purifying ritual of bathing in mineral water. Ever since ordinary people gradually also enjoyed soaking in onsen and the Japanese bathing culture was born. 

In a hot steamy bath, our pores slowly open up and allow the minerals to penetrate through the skin and into the cells. These greatly valued minerals, such as potassium and calcium, maintain adequate moisture and evaporate toxins from your body. Magnesium can alleviate water retention and promote blood circulation, [3] while sulfur acts as a detoxifying agent and natural disinfectant to purify your skin. [4]

All of these therapeutic and healing properties are excellent for patients with psoriasis, eczema, and other dry skin problems. It can even remove scaly, itchy skin caused by psoriasis.[5] The National Eczema Foundation even recommends adding 1 cup of salt to your bath water to relieve severe flare-ups. [6]

Beauty Benefits Of Sea Salt Body Scrub

Sea salt has been used throughout history to clean and purify the skin. Exfoliation is another brilliant way of using sea salt to promote healthy skin. Mechanical exfoliation, including scrubs that are made of sea salt, can remove impurities and dirt that clog pores. Natural sea salts also contain a large number of electrolytes that are crucial for skin cell renewal. [7] In addition, the magnesium in the sea salt is known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria on your skin. [8]

The exfoliation offered by sea salt scrubs can replenish lost minerals while cleansing our body. meeth’s Silky Body Scrub contains a unique blend of sea salt, red algae extract, and pear juice filtrate to delightfully tighten and polish your skin. We carefully selected Japan’s No. 1 sea salt from Ako, which has produced the finest sea salt in Japan for more than 400 years. [9] This  finely granulated sea salt is the foundation of this body-loving scrub, which leaves the skin silky smooth to the touch. 



meeth’s founder, Sonmi, explained that skin-loving minerals are the major reason why she decided to use sea salt instead of other natural exfoliants as the foundation of the scrub. The delicate mixture of minerals in sea salt has an irreplaceable beauty benefit on our skin.

“This is a  scrub specifically developed to gently remove dead skin cells and keep your skin healthy. With rare natural ingredients such as rockweed for added skin toning and apricot seeds, long used in China for whitening and acne prevention, Silky Body Scrub is the perfect way to look and feel exquisite. Caress yourself with the tender care that our light smooth finish delivers after exfoliation.”


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