The First-Ever meeth Store In The World At Plaza Singapura

The First-Ever meeth Store In The World At Plaza Singapura

Following the success of the meeth Touch Up Lab and many pop-up events in Japan, this year meeth decided to open our first-ever meeth store in the heart of the “Lion City” at Plaza Singapura. We see this light-filled, vibrant space as a perfect place to start a new chapter of meeth. A physical store offers us a chance to integrate our offline and online channels to deepen customers’ beauty journey and see our products up close. Creating an ultimate destination for all meeth fans wherever they are around the world marks 2022 as a milestone year for us.

meeth Flagship Store Official Launch 

After a two week soft launch, we invited meeth’s brand ambassador, Jamie Yeo, to have a virtual official launch with meeth’s founder, Sonmi. In their conversation, Sonmi shares how meeth is committed to growing its presence in a key international market like Singapore through this holistic store. You might be surprised to discover that meeth didn’t have any actual stores prior to 2022, not even in Japan where it was originally founded in 2019. We see the store as a novel way to create meeth’s retail presence outside of Japan and be able to reach new customers across all ages.

Shaking Up The Beauty Scene At Plaza Singapura

Situated on the first floor at Plaza Singapura, the gleaming meeth logo over the entrance instantly catches everyone’s attention.  On one side of the store, you see a big poster with Miss Sonmi feeling confident and comfortable in her Mochi-Hada skin. This flagship store houses meeth’s full range skincare products, along with our latest product, Skin Repair Night Cream and its refill.

Inside, you will discover a holistic, bright and simple space that embodies the essence of meeth. Spotlights on the ceiling line up perfectly to add a delightful atmosphere of brightness and airiness. The whole space is characterized by clean lines, soft shades of grey, and hints of marble patterns. The sleek white counters blend harmoniously into the atmosphere while displaying the essential features of each product. As you walk closer, illuminated glass shelves create a strong, clear statement that every meeth product has a timeless aesthetic. All of these simple touches create a relaxed, inviting setting to welcome anyone coming from the hustle city.

In-Depth Skin Counseling

The store brings all of our beauty staples under one roof, along with a beauty testing station in one corner of the shop. There, you can sit in front of an illuminated LED mirror, and our beauty advisors will guide you through the whole process of discovering your skin and help with custom solutions for any of your skin concerns. Apart from feeling the tender caress of meeth on your skin and smelling the fragrance of the products, our specialists will illustrate a specific skincare ritual that caters to your beauty needs as well as the best way to apply the products for maximum benefit. Sit back and enjoy in-depth skin counselling with meeth. Be sure, too, to note the heavenly scent of & Skin Oil, Silky Body Scrub, and their limited editions. 



In this age of a new normal, meeth keeps evolving to create a  personalized beauty experience for every customer. Each month, we will roll out various in-store offers for customers to help illuminate their unique beauty journeys. It is our mission to provide holistic J-beauty service and experience. 


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