The 4 Incredible Benefits of Carbonated Skincare

The 4 Incredible Benefits of Carbonated Skincare

You may scratch your head when you hear the word “Carbonated Skincare”. Is it like putting carbonated drinks on your face? It sounds like a myth of yore. But it’s not as gimmicky as it may sound. Carbonated Skincare formulates cleansers and masks with sodium bicarbonate. It was first trendy in Japan and later spread through Korea like a storm. Being the leader of skincare innovations, Japan has made the fizzy skincare bandwagon happen. Let’s dive into the incredible benefits of carbonated skincare.


Cleansing ritual

When Sodium bicarbonate is activated with water, it performs in a similar way to your foam cleanser or exfoliating gel. The substance transforms into a fluffy whip that draws away any dirt, grime, and pollutants embedded in your pores. It breaks down blackheads and eliminates excess oil. Removes all dead skin cells that can dull your skin. It helps maintain healthy-looking, shine-free skin.


Mini Facial Treatment

We all have time when we are too lazy to clean our face or apply a facial mask. Sometimes it is uncomfortable to wear a sheet mask for 30 minutes. Carbonated cleansers or masks create a fun and fizzy experience. Watching the magic of this beauty staple springs to life on your skin. The sparkling feeling on your face is simply hard to resist, feels like a spa facial treatment while hearing lively fizz. A truly invigorating experience that you should give a try.


Better than Tap Water

Despite carbonated skincare gaining popularity with beauty gurus, using carbonated water to clean your sensitive skin is the latest Asian cleansing ritual. Carbonated water has a pH between 5 and 6, similar to our skin which falls around 5.5. It is slightly more acidic than tap water which has a pH of 7. The pH of carbonated water matches the skin, therefore won’t alter the pH of your complexion. Plus, sparkling water won’t disrupt the natural acid mantle of the skin, keeping it healthy. It is surprising to find out that using tap water to wash your face can cause dryness and irritation. Your skin becomes too alkaline due to the neutral pH in tap water. Sparkling water can be the new cleansing solution.


Improve Blood Circulation

There is strong scientific evidence proven that carbonated skincare can improve blood flow, open up blood vessels, and decrease puffiness. Increasing blood circulation can help deliver nutrients to cells effectively. The well-oxygenated blood is the key to a rosy radiant complexion.


The carbonated Morerich Pack

The only way to find out whether carbonated skincare is just another short-term gimmick or a legitimate promise is to give it a try. Here, we are proud to present you with meeth Morerich Pack, an innovative carbonated beauty staple. Renew and rejuvenate your complexion in 7 days. Witness the transformation of your skin.

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