The 4 Amazing Benefits of Pentavitin

The 4 Amazing Benefits of Pentavitin

A new discovery of skincare superstar, Pentavitin, enhances skin’s beauty day after day. Known as Saccharide Isomerate, it is a 100% naturally derived plant extract. This carbohydrate complex performs wonders for your skin with a unique binding property to lock in moisture instantly. Regardless of your age and skin texture, Pentavitin is suitable for all skin types. 

At meeth, our current favorite miracle ingredient is definitely Pentavitin. It is time to find out the amazing benefits of Pentavitin on your skin.


Intensive Moisturizing Treatment

Pentavitin is a revolutionary way to deal with dry, parched, and itchy skin. This potent ingredient acts as a magnet and penetrates deep into the skin. With its intensive hydration properties, it quenches the skin surface and delivers 72 hours of non-stop hydration. A secret weapon for your personal skincare regimen.


Long-lasting Result

It’s never too early to start your Pentavitin skincare routine. This unique ingredient offers extended action in the deeper dermal layer. Once it sinks into your skin, it will stay deep within the layers of skin. Plus, it absorbs quickly into your thirsty skin. Unlike Hyaluronic Acid, it can’t be washed away. Substantially transform dry skin into a silk-soft complexion.


Repair your Mature Skin

We’re all susceptible to environmental aggressors every day. The skin is constantly under attack from UV rays, stress, and pollution. With its regenerative properties, Pentavitin is seen as a potent antidote for mature skin. Day after day, the skin’s youthfulness is restored, age spots are visibly reduced. The best invisible protective shield for your skin.


The No. 1 Ingredient for Sensitive Skin

For sensitive skin that is prone to redness, irritation, and reaction, Pentavitin is the ultra-soothing ingredient for the very sensitive skin. It calms irritation, inflammation, and rebuilds sensitive or damaged skin for total comfort. This gentle ingredient soothes and strengthens your very delicate skin.


Find your Favorite Pentavitin Product with meeth

Experience the skin-nourishing benefits of plant-derived Pentavitin with Meeth’s range of products. We are not shy about the magical powers of Pentavitin in our incredible products. You can find traces of this active ingredient in many of our divine formulas, from Foaming Facial Cleanser, Morerich Essential Lotion, Morerich Pack to the latest invention Morerich Smoothcleans. Pentavitin is the key to fresh, forever-young radiance.

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