Sustainable Skincare For a Healthy Planet

Sustainable Skincare For a Healthy Planet

The world of sustainable beauty follows the mantra of “Be Kind To The Earth”. From vegan-friendly formulas to carbon-neutral production and refillable cartridges to eco-friendly packaging, there are various ways to protect our planet with conscious purchases. None of the above can provide a once-and-for-all solution for our collective consumption patterns, but they are nevertheless a courageous beginning. 

When it comes to planet-conscious consumption, one of the biggest challenges is to find the time to do your own research on skincare ingredients, design and production. We are here to unveil the world of green beauty and look into meeth’s latest sustainable skincare practices. 


Minimal Design And Refill Scheme 

With fast-changing consumer behaviour and surge of e-commerce sales, it became essential to revise our product and packaging design to reduce plastic consumption. From minimal design, eco-friendly packaging to high performance packaging, these are all different approaches to keep plastic out of landfills and the ocean. At meeth, we chose to take our time redesigning our new look. With the new package design, less tape and stickers will be used, and at the same time it will be easier for our customers to open. Our new packaging significantly minimizes plastic consumption in our production process, too. 

However, the question remained of avoiding single-use plastic containers? Parts like pumps are particularly hard to recycle as they are composed of several different pieces. Thus, meeth came up with a refill scheme with Twelement Day Cream and Ceraderma Essence. The products are designed to be used over and over again with a refillable tube. We offer a sleek refill tube that is sealed from the air to keep it hygienic and ensure good quality. The cost-effective refill tube is lightweight with minimal plastic. You can smoothly top up your original cartridge and recycle your old tube (like this). There is no need to disassemble and recycle the pump every time.


Sustainable Material for Packaging

Planet-friendly purchases are excellent motivation for the industry to create a more cost-effective, eco-positive way to package skincare products. Recyclable glass packaging, sugarcane-derived bioplastics, mycelium packaging and reclaimed ocean-plastic packaging are all exciting news for eco-beauty devotees. These innovative technologies help develop a fully sustainable packaging process to create carbon neutral beauty products. At meeth, we adopted FSC®-certified (Forest Stewardship Certified) packaging with vegetable-based inks for all of our packaging to ensure our forests are protected. 


Being a responsible Japanese company, meeth ensures the highest quality and sustainability standards in our products. From ingredients and design to packaging material, we are committed to improving your skin as well as the planet. Nothing will stop meeth from going sustainable and eco-friendly. 

We listen to our skin and the earth.

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