meeth X ISETAN SHINJUKU Pop-Up Store

meeth X ISETAN SHINJUKU Pop-Up Store

Pop-up stores offer us a chance to combine offline and online beauty experiences and give customers a better understanding of our products. It has been a while since our last pop-up events took place in Fukuoka and Osaka. This time, meeth brought us to a magnificent post-modern building in the heart of Tokyo’s famed Shinjuku area. Let’s review this joyful event in Shinjuku.



ISETAN SHINJUKU is one of Japan’s largest department stores where high-fashion and luxurious beauty brands are gathered in one place. The newly renovated cosmetics floors house over 100 brands of make-up, skincare and fragrances, making it a heaven for skincare guru. With an open design, multiple beauty counters are situated next to each other to create an inviting atmosphere.

This time, we joined this vibrant setting and brought meeth’s new look to the public. On the side of the pop-up store, you saw meeth’s latest packaging and logo with our signature collection on a big poster. Inside, you discovered an airy, bright and minimalist space that embodied the character of meeth. The atmosphere was defined by clean lines, streamlined counters and gleaming light. Many floor-to-ceiling glazed glass frames were lined up perfectly and added to the delightful ambiance of brightness and airiness. All of this brought a sense of visual calm and let you feel at ease in the store. 

As you walked closer, an illuminated glass shelf displayed the Pop-up Limited Skincare Set and captured the essential features of each product. This limited promotion set included Morerich Smoothcleans, Silky Salt bath, Twelement Day Cream, foam cleanser, and Morerich Essential Lotion at a very attractive discounted price. 


Sonmi’s Presence

During the whole event, Instragam was filled with meeth’s founder, Sonmi, and her follower’s selfies for a couple of days. For every single pop-up store, she came in person and spent time sharing her skincare tips with customers. Many visitors described her as down-to-earth, friendly and kind-hearted. She is certainly a role model for many women. Likewise, the staff were, as always, super friendly with a smiley face. They are patient and always give you warm-hearted service. 


Perfect Skin Is The Best Jewelry

Meanwhile, Sonmi also released her first beauty book, Perfect Skin Is The Best Jewelry. It was for sale during the pop-up event. After all those years of looking for the best ingredients for the perfect skin, she has now successfully turned it into a beauty treasury to share with others. In her book, she talks about essential skincare tips, frequently asked skincare questions, beauty superfoods and recipes. Although it is not yet ready in English, it is still a big achievement for meeth and Sonmi in 2021! We hope that one day all the ladies in the world can share her beauty secrets and wisdom.


The pop-up stores show our commitment to bring unique beauty experiences to our users. Stay informed and check when our latest pop-up store will show up in your neighborhood by following our Facebook and Instagram page (@meethglobal). 






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