The meeth Touch-Up Lab: Visit Our New Store in Tokyo

The meeth Touch-Up Lab: Visit Our New Store in Tokyo

In early September, meeth unveiled a brand new store and showroom in Aoyama, Tokyo. At this gleaming skin center, we welcome anyone who’s interested in improving their skin and learning more about their needs to visit us and see our products up close. Since meeth has sold exclusively online until now, this is a truly unique experience that meeth fans outside of Japan only dream about. Here’s what you can do at our newly-opened meeth Touch-Up Lab:


Try Our Products

At our showroom, visitors are free to try any meeth products before making their final purchase. Choose from fan-favorites such as our Morerich Pack, Skin Oil, or Foaming Facial Cleanser and preview the meeth experience before committing to the full product. 


Get meeth Skincare Advice

If you’re interested in trying our products, our staff and skin specialists will guide you through the whole process. You’ll be instructed on the best way to use our products for maximum benefits and immediate effects. And by the time you leave our lab, you’ll feel confident in your own abilities to work the same meeth magic on yourself at home.


Skin Counseling

While you’re at the Touch-Up Lab, why not check up on your skin’s condition using meeth’s special diagnostic machine? The results will allow our specialists to give you more in-depth skin counseling and advice that’s tailored to your specific needs. This is a rare and personalised service that takes 45 minutes. Make your reservation here.


Silky Bath Salts

meeth’s Silky Bath Salts are a popular product, but they are not yet available in all our online stores. Stop by our lab, however, and you can even bottle these snow-coloured bath salts yourself. Our store offers our bath salts in two sizes, 1kg or 200g pouches. Whether you’re getting a refill or purchasing for the first time, this is a fun way to get your hands (literally!) on this delightful product.

Experience meeth in Japan where this now globally-known brand first made its name. Pamper your complexion with this sensory, nourishing treatment and walk out our doors with skin you’re excited to show the world.

Pictured above: Sonmi with the team at the meeth Touch-Up Lab in Tokyo.


101, 3-8-7 Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan

Open Hours

Monday to Friday, 11:00 – 17:00

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