Learn Everything About Ceramides In Skincare

Learn Everything About Ceramides In Skincare

Your beautiful skin is the most delicate and visible organ of your entire body. It absorbs nourishing ingredients like a soft and velvety sponge. Using products that are fortified with highly effective ingredients can boost your skin radiance to its highest level. In recent years, ceramide-infused products have become very popular among dermatologists and skincare lovers. Even meeth’s Skincare Research team has taken part by inventing meeth’s first facial serum, Ceraderma Essence. Let’s uncover the secret of this game-changing ingredient in skincare.

The Super Glue In Our Skin

Ceramides are a group of essential lipids that occur naturally in skin and make up to 50% of the skin’s composition and help maintain the skin barrier. They are highly concentrated in the uppermost layer of our skin acting as a kind of super glue critical to holding our skin together and giving it a smooth texture. A gradual depletion of the human ceramide stored in our skin comes with aging. 

However, there are ways to refill your ceramide reserves in your skin with different sources, such as plant or animal-based foods and artificial components. The properties of plant-based ceramides are slightly different from the ones derived from animals. Ceramides extracted from plants can only hydrate skin but not help you regain your youthful skin. Animal-derived and synthetic ceramides, though, can do both, making them the true powerhouse ingredients for plumper skin.

What Puts Ceramides At The Top Of Our Beauty Ingredients List?

Your skin constantly faces challenges from daily environmental stressors, such as, UV rays, pollutants and blue light. A healthy skin barrier is the first line of defense, which keeps away these harmful effects. Ceramides help you re-construct that protective barrier so that your skin is more resilient against these day-to-day stressors. Its hydration-boosting properties seal in moisture instantly and reduce skin irritation. Ceramides are the key ingredient for maintaining long-term hydration and can serve as emergency relief for dry, chapped skin. No wonder it soars to the top of our beauty ingredients list.

A Gentle Beauty Charm: Ceraderma Essence

meeth’s latest product, Ceraderma Essence, makes the most out of this incredible ingredient. Featuring a luxe blend of 5 different new human ceramide types, it is designed to brighten, revitalize, and optimise skin complexion. With an innovative technique, we managed to make it easier for it to penetrate the skin. The divine formula teams ceramides up with phytosphingosine, another lipid naturally occurring in the upper layer of the skin, and glycerin, a plant-derived oil useful for hydration, to encourage your skin to produce more ceramides on the upper layers. With additional ceramides, you can soothe irritation and restore the moisture barrier of sensitive skin.

Because the best anti-ageing ingredients are often susceptible to UV light and air, meeth designed an airtight, refillable pump bottle for this special product, ensuring the ingredients will perform at their best.


Fighting dryness and everyday stressors will slowly exhaust all the precious ceramides in your skin. By choosing beauty products like meeth’s Ceraderma Essence, you can easily supplement them to both preserve and relieve your skin.


You will definitely look forward to seeing your face in the mirror after using Ceraderma Essence. 



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