Lash Care: A Guide to Care for Natural Eyelashes and Extensions

Lash Care: A Guide to Care for Natural Eyelashes and Extensions

Eyelashes are the perfect pair of curtains to frame your eyes. They are also the first line of defense against debris, protecting your sensitive eyeballs from potential damage. Apart from their practical purpose, they are a defined facial feature that can take your eye look to the next level. 

In the pursuit of elegant, beautiful lashes, there have been many different trends: heated curlers, waterproof mascara, dramatic false lashes, and eyelash extensions to name a few. However, all of these treatments can cause irritation, infection, and damaged natural lashes. To keep your lashes in tip-top shape, we need to pay more attention to lash care. Below, we will offer some advice on enhancing the fullness and density of your lashes.

Avoid Using Parabens, Phthalates, Ethyl Alcohol

To safeguard the delicate and fragile lashes at the edge of the eyelid, avoid harsh chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates, and ethyl alcohol. Parabens are preservatives and widely used in cosmetics to prolong shelf life. However, they can penetrate the skin and remain within the tissue to cause skin irritation and hormonal disruption. Parabens can be found in mascara, facial cleansers and other skincare products. 

Other chemicals often found in eye makeup products are ethyl alcohol and phthalates. Ethyl alcohol is commonly part of the formula for mascaras that makes it easy to apply. The trouble, though, is that it is an organic compound that can lead to brittle lashes and drying. 

Phthalates are mainly used as plasticizers to make plastics more durable and find their way into things such as nail polish, hair spray, and eyelash glue as lubricants. Endocrine or hormone disruptors, according to the European Union, four phthalates are considered to be harmful and starting in 2018 were prohibited in the use of consumer goods. meeth discourages any use of harsh chemicals in skincare products, and thus none of the ingredients mentioned above is used in the making of our products.

A Gentle, Soothing Makeup Remover

In the hope of visibly lengthening lashes, we use curlers and apply mascara every day. Choosing the right makeup remover can then help preserve your natural lashes in a healthy shape. 

meeth Morerich Smoothcleans is deliciously smooth and gentle, yet melts away every bit of makeup. Even better, its silky-smooth texture makes it compatible with eyelash extensions. Apply the gel to your lashes without scrubbing vigorously, and your mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow will slowly dissolve into the gel with minimal friction. Our soothing, pentavitin enriched formula prevents breakage and drying on your lashes and is also loved by customers who apply eyelash extensions regularly.

Conditioning Your Eyelashes

There are several ways to get dizzying length naturally without applying your favorite falsies and lash extensions. While they are effective, they can hinder the regeneration process of your natural lashes by causing breakage and brittleness. Investing in a high-performance eyelash serum to nourish your lashes is what you need.

meeth RELEVIEWLASH contains the best hair-growth ingredient, Isochrysis galbana, an algae extract which delivers volume and thickens the lashes. When applied diligently every single day, the active ingredients work together to boost shine and length by conditioning your eyelashes. Even if you have a lash extension, the oil-free formula makes sure it won’t be ruined. Start at the root of the lashes to ensure every single hair follicle is luxuriating in the serum for the best results.


meeth believes incorporating gentle lash care into your daily regimen can reveal the true beauty of your naturally luscious and alluring eyelashes. Ensure your lashes feel fortified today.

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