A Japanese Minimalist Skincare Guide

A Japanese Minimalist Skincare Guide

A dressing table filled with jars, tinctures and unopened bottles stacked upon each other is what I see whenever I visit my mum. She will consistently argue with me that each of them serves a purpose. New ingredients and formulas hit the shelves every single month, and she, like many of us, can’t wait to try their brilliant products. It slowly becomes an addiction.

Even as the world is fascinated with Marie Kondo-style minimalism and tidying up, a Japanese minimalist skincare routine has also changed the world of beauty. They believe that there is no need to pile skincare products on your face but only keep the essentials. Imagine just a few beauty staples aligned on your dressing table where you can find them easily. Each of them has its own unique design and serves as a decoration. Let’s see what the Japanese can offer us with their “less is more” philosophy.


meeth Morerich Essential Lotion

Finding the right products that offer multiple benefits is the key to having fewer skincare products laying on your table. Kesho-sui (Face Lotion) is very unique and yet essential to Japanese skincare. It always gets mixed up with Western toners, but it doesn’t contain any alcohol to remove excess oil. Instead, it creates a base layer of hydration on your skin with additional benefits, such as whitening, anti-aging and lifting. Many Japanese women skip the toner and serum, and replace them with multi-purpose face lotion. 

Its slightly thicker texture soaks into the skin, making kesho sui an incredible product for plumping up dehydrated skin. Pour two to three drops on your palms, warm it up by rubbing your hands and gently pat onto your skin until it is fully absorbed. By soaking cotton pads in this lotion, you can make yourself a moisturizing mask. It only takes 3 to 10 minutes to illuminate your skin. The mask is a popular technique for Japanese women before they apply their makeup in order to create long-lasting, impeccable coverage without caking.

During a hot summer day, you can prepare a mist spray bottle and mix meeth Morerich Lotion with distilled water to create a watery texture. Chill it in the fridge and use it anytime you want. I like to put it in my bag to give my face a cooling recharge when I am out. With just this one product, you can have three ways of using it. The world is slowly falling in love with the magic power of J-Beauty lotion and enjoying its beauty wisdom. 


meeth Skin Oil

Once upon a time, “oil” was seen as being dirty and disgusting in the skincare world. It is something that should never appear on your skin and make your complexion dull. People just want to remove all the oil on their skin by using cleanser, toner and blotting paper. This is the time before we truly understand the important role and benefits of facial oil.

When you look at a Japanese woman’s dressing table, you can certainly find a tiny tincture of facial oil. Skin oil can smoothly preserve moisture and balance out excess oil production. You have to find out which skin oil formula is the best one for your skin. Each natural oil selected in meeth Skin oil has its own unique set of beneficial properties. Squalane, avocado oil and jojoba oil are packed with natural antioxidants to keep skin healthy and youthful. They are the potential antidote for premature skin. There are at least five ways to enhance your face, body, hair, and nail’s beauty with meeth Skin Oil. And with no doubt, it has to be on the top of my minimalist skincare list.



The “less is more” mentality has deeply influenced the Japanese skincare routine. Undeniably, skincare products with numerous benefits, like meeth Morerich Lotion and Skin Oil, are the backbone of any Japanese minimalist skincare routine. Even the lowest-maintenance person can appreciate this type of skincare regimen. Remember, it is the quality rather than the quantity that matters.


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