5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Japanese Skincare

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Japanese Skincare

Skincare trends come and go, but the Japanese approach to flawless skin has withstood the test of time. In recent years, the appeal of Japanese skincare has only widened its reach and even Western consumers have ditched their store-bought local brands to order premium Japanese products online. But what is it about Japanese skincare that continues to enchant skincare enthusiasts all across the globe?


We Consider All Five Senses

Japanese skincare considers the entire experience of the product – not just the scent and appearance of the skincare, but also the texture of the product and the way the packaging feels in your hands. Expect slick, smooth packaging with no sharp corners or awkward designs. Every aspect of Japanese skincare aims to bring harmony to the five senses so the entire body can feel at ease.


We Use Gentle Skin Formulations

Every Japanese approach to great skin involves nourishing the complexion on a deep level with gentle formulas devoid of harsh ingredients. This is different from many Western approaches, which tend to use strong ingredients intended to ‘zap’ the problem away, and at its worst, can zap too aggressively. Japanese skincare focuses on healing the skin through many different methods of hydration using serums, lotions, and moisturizers. This path towards great skin isn’t always instantaneous, but its results are long-lasting and often anti-aging.


Tried-and-Trusted Ingredients

The Japanese are well-known for their remarkable abilities of innovation, but there is one area they rarely touch: what’s already guaranteed to be highly effective. This rings especially true for Japanese skincare, which focuses on potent and natural ingredients that have already proven to be extremely beneficial. Japanese skincare aims to continuously improve and reinvent formulas using these same core ingredients, paying specific attention to the advancement of texture, delivery systems, efficacy, and the cleanliness of ingredients.


Safer, More Advanced Sun Protection

Japanese women are known to take sun protection very seriously. In fact, the average Japanese woman diligently wears sunscreen every single day, unlike women in the Western world. Due to the high demand for sun protection, anti-UV formulas are extremely advanced in Japanese skincare. We take into account the frequency of use and ensure our products are safe enough to be a core part of your daily routine.


An Emphasis on High-Quality Water

Skin lotions are a uniquely Japanese skincare product and their primary function is to hydrate the skin with nourishing water. This stage is referred to as ‘skin conditioning’ and it is a wildly different method of hydration to traditional moisturizing. Whereas your moisturizer adds more oil to the skin, a skin lotion gently infuses more water into the complexion. Considered an important step of daily care, Japanese skincare ensures that skin lotions contain only the best water and water-retaining ingredients possible.

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