5 New Year Skin Resolutions 2022

5 New Year Skin Resolutions 2022

A new year represents a new start to many people, so why not take this special opportunity to refresh your skincare routines and habits for 2022? At meeth, our approach is inspired by one simple philosophy: how you feel about your skin echoes throughout your entire life. This is why meeth’s products are not simply a lotion or cream to hydrate your skin. They are a chance to nourish your self-confidence and passion in life.

Here are a few suggestions to start a new chapter for your skin in 2022!

Start Hydrating From the Inside 

While choosing the right moisturizer with true powerhouse ingredients is important, fueling your thirsty body with 1- 2L of water each day is equally essential to hydrate your skin. For example, hyaluronic acid, a very common humectant, hydrates your skin like a water magnet by drawing moisture from the demis to the epidermis (the outer layer of skin). If your body is dehydrated, not even the highest quality hyaluronic acid from the deep sea like that in meeth’s Skin Repair Night Cream can fully smooth your dry skin. It is necessary to stick to simple, basic steps while using holy grail skincare products like meeth’s.

Use Facial Oil to Seal In The Moisture 

It could seem scary to put facial oil on already combination or oily skin. However, dry skin can actually cause an excess amount of sebum production, so your skin ends up looking grey and dull. A well-balanced skin oil should never leave residue on your skin and make you feel greasy and uncomfortable. A well-formulated skin oil can penetrate your skin while creating a protective layer to seal in the moisture you already have.

meeth recommends using either & Skin Oil or our moisturizer cream to avoid greasiness. In the case of super dry skin, you can add 1-2 drops of & Skin Oil to the cream and mix them together. 

Treat Yourself Better

Indulge in a pampering session to recharge your body’s largest and most sensitive organ. It is an excellent way to have some me(eth) time. The meeth flagship product, Morerich Pack, is an award-winning peel-off mask that helps you achieve the complexion you are craving. It treats and nourishes your skin like a piece of delicate tofu. It is a truly invigorating mini-facial that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.

Choose Sustainable Skincare

Be gentle to your skin and also be kind to the earth that we all cherish. Green beauty follows the mantra of protecting our planet with conscious purchases. At meeth, we chose to take our time in order to design products with refillable options, such as Ceraderma Essence, Twelement Day Cream and our latest launch, Skin Repair Night Cream. The products are designed to smoothly top up your original cartridge with a sleek refill tube that is sealed to keep it hygienic. Not everyone can go zero-waste, but we can definitely reduce the consumption of single plastic containers in our skincare routine.


As we enter our third year, we are very much looking forward to seeing what adventures lie ahead. meeth wishes all skin lovers a fresh start as we cherish our beautiful skin more than ever before. 

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