3 Benefits of Using A Body Scrub For Exfoliation

3 Benefits of Using A Body Scrub For Exfoliation

A body scrub is one of the most revitalizing, refreshing ways to exfoliate your body. After a full day of tanning, it’s the best way to remove dead, dry skin. As new skin cells are regenerated, the old external layer will slowly detach and allow the new cells to grow on the surface. The regenerative cycle happens naturally as dead skin cells are shed and is called desquamation. However, natural exfoliation can take a very long time to complete, which leads to a buildup of dead skin cells and clogged pores. [1] That’s when a body scrub becomes the method of choice!

A great variety of scrubs have emerged over the years, and they fall into two major categories of exfoliation: mechanical and chemical. Mechanical exfoliation includes scrubs made of sea salt, sugar, coffee, or apricot seed powders. Basically, any substance made of finely ground pieces can serve as a natural exfoliator. [2] On the other hand, chemical or herbal exfoliation contains fruit enzymes, citric or glycolic acids that glue themselves to the old cells. These all get swept away when the skin is washed. [3] Both types of exfoliation are effective in removing dead skin cells and impurities.

Below, we go over the top benefits of using a body scrub and how it helps maintain healthy glowing skin.

Deep-Cleansing for Acne Prevention

Exfoliation is particularly beneficial to acne-prone skin because it clears out the impurities that clog pores. Dead skin cells seal in the sebum produced by sebaceous glands. This in turn triggers breakouts because oil is trapped in your pores. By removing the surface debris, your skin can finally breathe freely and keep acne at bay.

meeth’s latest product, Silky Body Scrub, is embedded with apricot seed powder, which has long been used for brightening and acne prevention in China. This scrub combines the nourishing properties of apricot extract and the micro-exfoliating properties of the finely milled apricot shell, making it an excellent body scrub ingredient on multiple levels. Together with Japan’s No. 1 sea salt from Ako, it serves as a gentle exfoliant while supplementing your skin with essential minerals.

Better Skin Penetration

Essential minerals and humectants only work if they can penetrate deeper into the skin. Advanced technology actively modifies the structure of cosmetics ingredients to allow better skin penetration. However, without exfoliation, dead skin cell buildup gradually becomes a dense barrier and hinders the absorption of moisturizer into the skin. [4] To ensure your skin is getting the nutrients it needs, regularly removing the outermost layer of skin cells is your top priority. 

Brighten a Dull Complexion

We all want silky smooth baby skin, what the Japanese describe as Mochi-Hada (Rice-Cake Skin). By comparison, dry, rough areas like knees and elbows appear dull and cracked. Using a body scrub to remove dry bits in those areas is very effective in improving skin texture. If you have any acne scars or uneven skin pigmentation, regularly exfoliating your skin can promote a more even skin tone. [5] Formulated with pear juice ferment filtrate, Silky Body Scrub contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to slough off dead skin cells. [6] It helps to create a smoother texture, vibrant glow, and even complexion.



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