Inspired by the meeth Touch Up Lab and many pop-up events in Japan, meeth decided to open the first-ever meeth store in the heart of the “Lion City” at Plaza Singapura. The store houses meeth’s full range of skincare staples, and you can enjoy the tender caress of meeth products on your skin.

In addition to engaging all of your senses with meeth, our Beauty Advisors are delighted to serve you with in-depth skin counseling. They will guide you through the whole process of listening to your skin concerns and recommending a personalised skin care routine to address your beauty needs.

Together with our Beauty Advisors, we invite you to preview the meeth experience at Plaza Singapura and discover the profound change that meeth can deliver to you.

* Skin Counseling is only available by appointment.

Skin counseling fee: FREE



Carbonated Skincare first became popular in Japan and later spread through Aisa like a storm. As a leader in skincare innovation, meeth is proud to present you with the Morerich Pack Experience centered around our award-winning peel-off mask formulated with a patented carbonated ingredient from Japan.

Combined with our Skin Counseling Service, we will guide you through a transformative experience in our meeth store at Plaza Singapura. You can see the transformation of your skin with the sensorial experience of the Morerich Pack for yourself and in the comfort of the only meeth store in the world.

meeth aslo offers a Morerich Pack Trial Set for those who would like to try it at home.

* Morerich Pack Experience is only available by online appointment.
* Morerich Pack Trial Set is only available in the meeth offline store.

Duration: 60 minutes
Morerich Pack Experience Fee: S$20

Morerich Pack trial set: S$20

(7% GST included, one-time trial only and up-front payment at the store, terms and conditions apply)



How can I enjoy the Morerich Pack Experience?

You can choose to book an online appointment on this page for Morerich Pack experience or go down to meeth store at Plaza Singapura to purchase the Morerich Pack Trial Set. Please note that the Morerich Pack Trial Set is only available in our offline store.


What is the difference between Morerich Pack Experience and Morerich Pack Trial Set?

You can enjoy the Morerich Pack for the first time with either the Morerich Pack experience or the Morerich Pack Trial Set.

The Morerich Pack Experience offers a holistic beauty service with our Beauty Advisors at the meeth store in Plaza Singapura by providing skin testing and guiding you on correct use of the Morerich Pack. You can experience a well-rounded ritual firsthand with all the meeth products at the same time.

The Morerich Pack Trial Set lets you have this first time experience in the comfort of your own home.


How do the Beauty Advisors serve me during the in-store Morerich Pack Experience?

meeth’s Beauty Advisosr lead you to a cozy, gleaming area with bar chairs and a room divider for a private consultation. You will sit in front of an illuminated LED mirror and watch the whole process.

Step 1: Firstly, you will receive a preliminary skin testing service before the treatment begins. This allows our Beauty Advisor and you to understand your skin type and decide how best to proceed.

Step 2: Our Beauty Advisor will guide you through the process of thoroughly cleaning your face or removing your makeup with meeth’s Foaming Facial Cleanser and Morerich Smoothcleans.

Step 3: Next, our Beauty Advisor will teach you how to use the Morerich Pack step by step and carefully apply it on your face. In about 20-30 minutes, the mask will harden, and they will gently peel-off the mask for you.

Step 4: If you like, our Beauty Advisor will help you complete your recommended skincare routine with a tailored selection of meeth products and test the final result on your skin.


What is included in the Morerich Pack trial set?

It includes one of each of the following items:

Carbonated gel pack
Powder pack
Cotton face mask


How many times I can enjoy the Morerich Pack Experience and Morerich Pack Trial Set?

Because we anticipate heavy demand, guests can enjoy either Morerich Pack Experience or the Morerich Pack Trial Set one time. If you want to try seven days consecutively to witness changes on your skin, please purchase Morerich Pack (7 Packs) at meeth online and offline store.



#01-58, the Atrium @ plaza singapura,
68 orchard Rd

Phone: +65 6910 3456

Opening Time:
11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.