Q1: Are there any products that are not recommended to be used together, such as mandelic acid, fruit acids, and other acidic products?

A: Acidic products should not be applied just before using the Morerich Pack. Such products can be administered after using the Morerich Pack.

Q2: Are meeth products suitable for use before and after cosmetic medical treatments?

A: meeth products can be used before cosmetic medical treatments. However, it is recommended to wait until any scabs or surgical scars from the treatments or procedures are fully healed before using the products. In this situation, please consult your doctor before using.

Q3: Are there any skin types that are not suitable for use with meeth products?

A: meeth products can be used with all skin types, and the regularity of use can be adjusted according to skin condition.

Q4: A recent article said that sodium bicarbonate is slightly alkaline and continuous use can damage the skin's weak acidic protective film. Does this mean I shouldn’t use the Morerich Pack regularly?

A: The Morerich Pack contains carbon dioxide (CO2), not bicarbonate (HCO3-), which is slightly acidic. Therefore, it is safe for regular use.

Q5: Other carbonated facial mask products are also on the market, but does meeth use the carbonated bubble ingredient patented by Kobe University? Are there any differences in the quality of the carbon dioxide bubbles?

A: meeth uses the carbon dioxide bubble ingredient patented by Kobe University. While there are many carbon dioxide packs on the market, carbon dioxide packs and gaseous carbon dioxide packs are different and have distinct effects. The Morerich Pack is a gaseous carbon dioxide pack.

Q6: Carbonic acid packs can only be manufactured in a factory in Chiba Prefecture, and the manufacturing process is patented. Does this patent refer to the gel? Does the factory have ISO certification?

A: meeth has obtained a patented ingredient called Lactone, which reacts with the water in the gel to generate its own gaseous carbon dioxide. The factory in Chiba Prefecture where this product is manufactured is ISO certified.


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Q7: The mask seems to still be moist 30 minutes after application. Can I continue to use it or will there be a problem if I let it dry before removal? What do you recommend?

A: It is best to remove the mask after 30 minutes as it may cause your skin to dry out.

Q8: Does the thickness of the gel application impact the effectiveness? Is it more effective to apply a thicker layer to the area of concern?

A: The thickness of the gel will affect the result, so it is recommended to apply at least a 1 to 2 mm layer of gel to the entire face. Apply the gel a little thicker to the area of skin concern.

Q9: If the face mask does not fit my contours, can I use sheet mask of another brand? Are there any materials I should avoid? Will different materials affect the effectiveness of the mask?

A: You can use any material without any problem.

Q10: Is it effective if I apply the Morerich Pack by hand instead of using a spatula?

A: It will work, but we recommend using a spatula for hygienic reasons.

Q11: If I use the Morerich Pack for more than 28 days, will my skin get better? Upon achieving Legend status, do I need to use it in the future?

A: If you use the Morerich Pack for more than 28 days and even after achieving Legend status, you will continue to reap visible benefits. Even after achieving Legend status, we recommend using the Morerich Pack two or three times a week.

Q12: After seven days of continuous use, I now really feel an improvement (glow, refined skin texture, and gradually tightened pores). Will my skin continue to improve with extended use? Furthermore, will dark spots, wrinkles, and acne also be minimised?

A: If you continue to use our product, you will see further results. We have received many testimonials from customers that their dark spots, wrinkles, and acne problems have diminished.

Q13: If I do not use the Morerich Pack continuously, will the performance be minimised? (For example, if I use it for three days, stop for two days, and then restart for four days, or if I use it every other day.) I would like to know if the effectiveness will be different as compared to seven days of continuous treatment.

A: The effect will not be reduced even if you do not use it continuously. We also recommend that you use it as a special care product. However, if you do use it for seven days in a row, the results will be more apparent.